About the Organization
About the Organization

FAQs Regarding Fees

First and foremost, be sure as a New Member you are aware that the New Member Packet includes your Welcome Letter, the list of various benefits available on all three entity levels, and the application which is the only portion of the packet this office requires to be submitted via email: msar@msarboard.com

Q. My Broker requires me to be a member, is that true?
A. Georgia is one of 5/6 states which gives a licensed agent the choice of becoming a member of the Association. This means the licensed agent makes the choice of the company they choose to hang their license with. If the company they choose to be a part of is a member of the Association, it is a requirement that they become a member as well, making the decision to be a REALTOR® member YOURS (the agent's decision). Remember, it is a PRIVILEGE to be a REALTOR®.

Q. How much is it to become a member?
A. Your Pro-rated amount is based on the assigned firm date on your pocket card. You have 30-days from that date to join the Association. See below for fee schedule information and a link to access the schedule.

New REALTOR® Member Fee Schedule
The following dues schedule (click here to access fee schedule) shows pro-rated amounts for the calendar year for new members only. The Metro South Association, along with the National Association and the Georgia Association, pro-rate monthly and follows a calendar year schedule. Your pro-rated amount paid carries membership the month that you pay through the end of that specific year. For example, if you join in March 2018, membership will run until December 31, 2018.

Q. Is there a payment plan available for New Members?
A. There are no payment plans for new members. Membership fees are due upon joining the Association. The prospective REALTOR® is to submit a copy of their pocket card along with the application. The pocket card has the official Assigned to Firm date which is what is considered when the individual is pro-rated their membership fees. Individuals have 30-days from the Assigned to Firm date to join the Association. Anyone joining after 30-days will be subject to a late fee in addition to the pro-rated amount.