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Do you know what is going on in your school systems, Chamber of Commerce, and stabilization of local housing markets as a real estate professional?

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2024 Primary Membership Dues

  • $156 - NAR Dues (prorated monthly)
  • 45 - NAR Image Assessment Fee 
  • $100 - GAR Dues (prorated monthly)
  • $165 - MSAR Dues (prorated monthly)
  • $5 - processing fee for credit card transactions
  • $25 (optional) - RPAC Investment
    • $496 Total ($471 without RPAC)

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Individuals or companies who are not primarily involved in the sale or leasing of property, but who have interests in the real estate profession. An Affiliate company must name one person from their company as the designated principal representative for the company.

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2024 Primary Affiliate Dues

  • $170 - MSAR Affiliate Dues
  • $100 - GAR Affiliate Dues
  • $25 (optional) - RPAC Investment
    • $295 Total ($270 without RPAC)

2024 Secondary Affiliate Dues

  • $170 - MSAR Affiliate Dues
    • $170 Total

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