Young Professionals Network (YPN)


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Energize the Future of the Real Estate Industry

Young professionals are the future of the real estate business. But in a field where the average age is 52, younger real estate practitioners often strive for a way to connect with each other and tap into valuable resources that will help them succeed in business.

REALTOR® Magazine launched the Young Professionals Network (YPN) in 2006 as a way to help the younger heneration of REALTORS® build a stronger link with the real estate industry. Today, MSAR is proud to sponsor a local YPN network that is complimentary to all our members, with no age restrictions to join. 

YPN Mission Statement

YPN Helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas:

  • REALTOR® Associations: Attend REALTOR® conferences and pursue leadership roles with their local, state, and national associations.
  • Real Estate Industry: Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues; be informed about the latest industry news and trends.
  • Peers: Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in online communication, and seeking out mentoring opportunities.
  • Community: Become exceptional members of their community by demonstrating a high level of REALTOR® professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.

Why YPN? Key Member Benefits

  • Invitations to MSAR, GAR, and NAR-sponsored YPN events. These events are a fun way for members to meet other real estate professionals from around the region, state, or country, build a referral network, and learn about resources that can help empower their businesses.
  • Stay Abreast of Industry Happenings: Through a lively blog, an information-packed website, and networking events, members stay in the loop on hot issues facing the real estate industry. YPN also has special educational sessions at REALTOR® Conferences that address strategies for success in real estate.
  • Have Your Own Sounding Board: Young professionals have unique challenges in real estate, in addition to those challenges shared by all practitioners. By belonging to a network of peers who face similar issues, they can provide support to each other in new and empowering ways.
  • Get Involved: Many people who are new to the industry want to get involved with their local, state, or national association of REALTORS®, but they either don't know how to go about it, or they find it too intimidating. YPN encourages them to explore leadership opportunities and open new doors to new and exciting roles.
  • YPN in Complimentary to all REALTOR® Members: All members have an open invite to join!


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