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committee work days 2024


About our Committees


Affiliate Business Council (ABC):

Newly formed as a task force in 2024, the ABC is a committee of affiliates for affiliates. The goal of the ABC is to enhance the experience for all MSAR affiliates.

Mission: To enhance the MSAR Affiliate membership experience and provide a voice to all Affiliates.

Vision: Affiliates will work directly with the Board of Directors to provide maximum return on membership investment.

Core Focuses: 

  • Provide more opportunities for affiliates to gain exposure to MSAR members.
  • Foster exclusivity.
  • Build upon affiliate benefits.

Administration and Operations (A & O):

The A & O Committee shall advise the Board of Directors concerning personnel policies, administrative policies and fixed
assets through the Vice President of Governance.


Broker's Council:

Broker's Council shall provide Broker education, provide a broker to broker resource network, and encourage
participation of members and recruitment of non-members.


Budget & Finance:

The Budget and Finance Committee prepares the Annual Budget for submission to the Board of


CarePac (Prayer & Action)

The CarePAC Committee encourages and lifts up the Association’s Members through cards and prayer during difficult,
challenging times, and hardships.


Circle of Excellence:

This committee sets the rules and regulations, is responsible for any changes in the rules, audits files, and arranges for a special event to honor those achieving the Circle of Excellence within the year.

Communications/Public Relations:

This Committee shall be responsible for coordinating information for publications in the Association's Newsletter, i.e. educational seminars, Circle of Excellence, educational designations, quarterly meeting program information, articles by the President, etc. Also responsible for promoting the Association and the REALTOR® image to the general public.

Community Services and Special Social Functions:

The purpose of this Committee is to conduct all MSAR sponsored Community Service activities and Social functions as approved by the Board of Directors and in accordance with its Strategic Plan through the VP of Governmental Affairs and Community Services.

Constitution & Bylaws / Policies & Procedures:

To oversee governing documents (Bylaws and Policies &Procedures) recommend changes, updates and ensure annual approval by NAR.


The purpose of the Education Committee is to set the quarterly education schedule for the board members. This committee also meets to discuss the best topics for classes and Seminars to the members as well as recruits new instructors, oversees the GREC and NAR rules and regulations regarding Ethics and Orientation and industry changes.

Idea, Diversity, Equity, & Action:

The Equal Opportunity/Cultural Diversity committee works to create opportunities for positive exchange among diverse groups through community outreach, education and cultural diversity awareness through the Vice President of Professional Development.

Legislative/Government Affairs:

This Committee works hard to keep MSAR Members abreast of Legislative, Local, State and National Issues through the VP Governmental Affairs and Community Services. They become acquainted with elected public officials and attend meetings affecting the real estate industry, including GAR Legislative meetings (when the Georgia General Assembly is in session) and County Commission meetings within the areas that MSAR serves.


The MSAR Membership Committee works hard to identify, evaluate, recommend and implement methods to increase and enhance Membership through the VP of Member Services. REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC): To achieve designated financial goals through fundraising and direct solicitation of funds. The RPAC goal for the Association is established by the Georgia Association of REALTORS® based on Membership


The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for annually nominating a Slate of Officers and
Directors to serve The Metro South Association of REALTORS®, and the GAR State Directors.



To provide The Metro South Association of REALTORS® Members with the best possible programs
for the General Membership meetings. Organizes social functions and events, and develops camaraderie
among Members.



To achieve designated financial goals through fundraising and direct solicitation of funds. The
RPAC goal for the Association is established by the Georgia Association of REALTORS® based
on Membership.


Special Awards:

To set guidelines, review applications, select nominees, make recommendations to the Board and administer award
programs to include Silver Box, Rookie of the Year, Good Neighbor & Administrator of the Year.


This committee assists the Association with fundraiser and sponsorship events.


Young Professionals Network:

YPN helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and
encouragement to become involved in four core areas.